3330 Peachtree

Project Description: The former AIU site on Peachtree will soon be replaced with a 16,504  s.f two story two tenant space developed by Regent Partners.

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Applicant: Regent Partners, Jim Feldman /Keith Mack


Project Scope: 2 story 16,504 gsf building, phase I of II, 2 tenants

Variation Requested: The proposed design includes a small percentage of the Peachtree frontage which has a use designated as electrical room which is not an active use as required.  The DRC recommends the approval of this variation as the impact is minimal in that the architecture supports the designation of this use and fenestration requirements are satisfied.

The DRC noted that the address must be displayed on the front of the building in 6 inch or larger font.  The Applicant indicated he will add this to the plans.  DRC Member Jim Feldman abstained from voting on this project given the conflict of interest present.