AMLI – Apartment Development City Place (Site D Roxboro Road) – Second Submittal

Description:  180 units high rise concrete 60 units wood frame surrounding parking deck.

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AMLI- Parcel D - 5-7-2014 - BATMA_Page_04

Applicant:  Cooper Carry, Goodman Fred Schreiber

Project Scope: Second Review

Modifications –  Since previous submittal changes include addition of height to incorporate higher unit ceilings, modifications to parking deck to mitigate light spillage to neighbor The Grandview.  Additional landscaping incorporated along with cutoff filters on lights and precast spandrel panels 42 inches in height on parking structure to block headlights from cars circulating within deck.  Shifted core of building one bay to facilitate circulation.  Reconfigured dog park area to maintain access to conservation easement.  Dog park serves both properties A and D.  Incorporating right in left out turn restrictions to impede cut through traffic from service vehicles to neighboring properties. 

Additional Recommendations:

  • Rework pedestrian ramps to align with sidewalks rather than directing pedestrian toward center of roadway.
  • Incorporate curb cut rather than apron design on north park Drive.

Additional Considerations:

  • City notes based upon past experience that colonnade design does not function well for tenant or retail space often resulting in a maintenance issue.  Recommend reconsideration of this design feature and possible elimination.