1000 Park Avenue

Project Scope: Development of residential tower

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Applicant:  McKenna Long & Aldridge – Sharon Gay, Pete Moriarty


Variation Requested: The applicant asserts the right to proceed under Section 16-18L.001(2.) of SPI-12, which provides as follows:

 Subject to property interests otherwise properly vested under state law, all zoning districts and related site plans and conditions in existence prior to the effective date of this chapter shall be replaced by the regulations of this chapter, except as follows:


Any principal building shown on a parcel of property that is subject to a site plan approved prior to the effective date of this chapter that was not constructed prior to said effective date may be constructed through issuance of an SAP in accordance with the uses(s), height, location and density applicable to that building as specified on such site plan. Such building shall be deemed conforming for purposes of Chapter 24 (Nonconformities) as to such previously approved use(s), height, location and density. Except as otherwise provided herein, all other regulations of this chapter shall apply to said parcel unless compliance with these other regulations renders construction of such building consistent with such prior use(s), height, location and density structurally unfeasible.

By way of history, the applicant stated the following:  The property was originally zoned in the 1990s as part of the PD-MU (Planned Development – Mixed Use) classification adopted for Phipps Plaza (Z-96-70).  In 2001, the City Council amended the PD-MU zoning for the property to approve a revised site plan and landscape plan.  Ordinance No. 01-O-0588 (Z-01-25), adopted by the Council on July 16, 2001 and approved by operation of law on July 25, 2001 (copy attached for your information).  This 2001 Amendment approved a site plan prepared by Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates dated August 16, 1999 and landscape and section plans prepared by Hughes, Good, O’Leary, and Ryan dated July 10, 2001 and entitled “View A from Phipps Boulevard to Mall Service Road” and “Phipps Boulevard Frontage Plan.”    (Color copies of these plans were included in the packet submitted to the DRC.)

 The PD-MU site plans for 750 and 1000 Park Avenue were designed to connect and coordinate as a unified development pursuant to companion zoning site plans and unified control adopted for the entire Phipps Plaza block.  The landscaping, building layouts and orientations, private street and entry court, and walkways were designed to work as a unified development.  Additionally, the landscape plan for 1000 Park Avenue was carefully negotiated with the neighborhood.

 The applicant is seeking approval to develop a residential building in accordance with the building location, site and landscaping layout, height, use, and FAR approved by Z-01-25.   All other pertinent elements – parking, loading, street tree and lighting placement, bike parking, open space – are covered by SPI-12 regulations.

 Because the applicant plans to proceed under a previously approved site plan approved as part of Z-01-25, the committee’s review under SPI-12 is limited to one variation required: a reduction in the required loading areas from 3 to 2.


The committee voted unanimously to support the requested variation and recommends the City allow this variation.

 Additionally, the committee notes acknowledgement by the applicant of a previous private agreement between the property owner and the North Buckhead Civic Association, and recommends the Applicant coordinate with that organization prior to issuance of the recommendations by the City of Atlanta.

The committee also recommends the applicant establish shared parking arrangements and direct connections between the parking deck for the original Tower and the proposed 100 Park Avenue Tower contemplated in this SAP.

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