550 Pharr Rd – Outdoor Dining

Description: Addition of Bangkok Station restaurant in ground floor of building – inside area 5443sf and exterior patio area 2153sf.  Remainder of building is not impacted and to remain office use.  Due to the age of the building and limited extent of the proposed modifications, many variations are not required.


Applicant:  Plexus Research and Design


Project Scope:  Outdoor Dining

Recommendations Regarding Variations Requested:

Section 16-18I.023 Table – Parking requirements of 1 space per 300sf for the restaurant interior area and one space per 600 sf of exterior uncovered patio area. 

 Recommendation:  Parking calculations for the entire site were not included on the presented materials, so the committee recommends the applicant provide the parking calculations for the entire site including the office building to demonstrate the requirements for the SAP application.  Parking requirements are maximums in the code, so it is anticipated that there is not a need for a variation on this item.

 Section 16-18I.017(2)(a) – Pedestrian entrances for all sidewalk levels uses and business establishments with street frontage shall: a) face and be visible from the street and b)shall be directly accessible and visible from the sidewalk.

Recommendation: Due to the existing topographical constraints of the site, the main entry for the restaurant is proposed to be from the rear parking area and accessible through the building lobby.  The committee recommends approval of this variation request.

Section 16-18I.017(4)(a) –  When active sidewalk level uses are required per section 16-18I.007(6): a) said uses shall be provided for a minimum depth of 20 feet from any building façade along the public sidewalk unless existing topographical considerations render this requirement impractical as determined by the director; and b) entrances to said uses shall be architecturally articulated, face and be visible from and be directly accessible from the required sidewalk along such street.

 Recommendation:  Due to the existing topographical constraints, the committee recommends approval of this variation.

 Section 16018I.017(6)(a)(i)(2)- Walls shall not exceed 30 inches  in height unless existing topography requires a retaining wall of a greater height.

 Recommendation:  Committee notes that this is an existing condition that is outside of the scope of the work in this application and recommends approval.

 Recommended Changes: None

 Suggested Considerations:

The Buckhead Community Improvement District is currently working with the City of Atlanta to develop a restriping plan for Pharr Road.  The committee recommends the applicant coordinate with Brian McHugh 404-842-2693 to get an understanding of the potential impacts to the frontage and explore opportunities for enhancing the sidewalk or possibly providing on-street parking in front of the building.

 The Development Committee does not expect to see this applicant again unless significant changes are made to the proposed plans that necessitate additional variations or the City staff requests additional input from the DRC.