3420 Piedmont Road – Lovies BBQ

Project Descriptions:  The applicant is proposing expansion of the bottom level of the proposed site to incorporate a new expanded kitchen and outdoor seating area to support new tenant Lovies BBQ.   The proposed development will include 34 designated parking spaces, restriping the parking lot and will not be serving alcohol.

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SAP#: 13-004

Project Scope:

Variation Requested:


Committee Member Bonnie Dean recused herself from consideration of this project due to a conflict of interest as Selig Enterprises, her employer, is the owner of the property under consideration.

The committee notes the dumpster is not properly screened and must be upgraded to include a 6 foot high opaque wall with an operable gate.

The applicant must meet the surface parking lot requirements in the tree ordinance and has 24 months in which to do so by the ordinance, however, the committee recommends these upgrades be made at this time as significant work is being undertaken.

The committee is concerned that the proposed designation of parking may cause conflicts with the neighboring property Chipotle and recommends this be further considered.

The committee recommends the applicant include landscaping around the proposed outdoor dining to provide a buffer between the parking lot and the dining space.

The committee recommends the applicant consult the sign ordinance to ensure proposed signage is in compliance with the ordinance.

The applicant was advised that the SAP must be formally filed before permits can proceed.

The committee notes concerns regarding outdoor dining and the precedent that is set by allowing it on sites that are adjacent to residential development.  Therefore, the committee recommends the dining be allowed in this case provided the use remains limited to an establishment that does not sell alcohol and should the sale of alcohol be considered, the project must come back for further consideration.