Three Alliance Center

Project Description: New Construction.  The proposed development is in the early design stages.  It is a 560,000 sf commercial office development with supporting retail restaurant in the lobby.  This building is the final phase of the original master plan which was subject to a DRI analysis.  The proposed square footage is under the threshold necessary for the DRI so does not trigger additional analysis.  There are 19 levels of office, 10 levels of parking with 4 levels below the plaza grade.  The building is oriented to face the plaza serving Alliance Center One and Alliance Center Two (which are under separate ownership).  The applicant notes they plan to come under the requirements of the new SPI-12 code and plan to seek LEED Gold certification.  The maximum height allowable is 377 feet and the proposed building is under that.  The exterior of the building will have faceted glass to give it a “sparkle” effect.  There are two points of vehicular access to Stratford Road and the main point of access to Lenox road through the shared plaza.  The parking deck connects directly to the Two Alliance Center deck.

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Applicant:  Austin Bell

SAP#: not filed

Variation Requested:

Recommendations Regarding Variations: Sec 16-18L.016(4) – The committee noted the significant visual impact of the parking deck on Stratford Road as well as the direct visibility from neighboring Post Apartments and suggested aggressive and creative screening be pursued for the parking deck.

The committee noted a desire to incorporate public art into the development – particularly in the visible green areas along Lenox Road and potentially as a screening element for the parking deck per the comment above.

Section 16-18L.011 (2) The committee noted the need to meet the fenestration (65%) requirements along Lenox Road.

Section 16-18L.009 (Table 5) Primary streetscape must be satisfied for Lenox Road.   5 foot amenity zone, 15 foot walk zone, 30 foot street tree spacing and 60 foot street light spacing.

Section 16-18L.007 (7) –   the committee noted the requirement for the building tower  to “step back” in the upper levels from the base SHOULD the floor plate exceed 30,000.  This requirement is currently not triggered with the proposed 25,000 footprint, however, should the floor plate change this could become a consideration.

Section 16-18L.011(c)(ii)  The committee noted the need to incorporate an 18 foot street level height.

Section 16-18L.011(c)  The committee noted the need to incorporate active sidewalk level uses along Lenox Road.  The applicant indicated this was the intention with restaurant and retail spaces.

Section – 18L.014 (3) – Sidewalk materials must be continuous across driveway aprons and curb cuts.

Section 16-18L.011(3) – Fenestration requirements along Stratford road are 25% where there is direct frontage, but not where the parcel is separated from the street by the Paramount property.

Section 16-18L.016 (6) – 3% of the parking spaces must be reserved and marked for carpool and  2% must be reserved and marked for vanpool.  It is important to note that vanpool spaces need to be located where the height restrictions do not prohibit 15-footpassenger van access.

Section 16-18L.018 – The applicant must prepare and submit a Transportation Management Plan to BATMA to demonstrate how alternative modes of travel will be supported.

Section 16-18L.017 – The development must incorporate bicycle parking per Table 10.  Greater of 2 spaces or 1 space per 4,000sf no more than 50 spaces.

Recommended Changes:  The committee noted the importance of connectivity to the new MARTA platform and expressed significant concern about providing a positive and easily accessible pedestrian experience in making this connection.  The proposed design does not currently maximize the potential of this connectivity.

The committee noted concerns about the amount of traffic pressure on Stratford Road and subsequently the intersection with Peachtree Road.  They suggested direct coordination with the Community Improvement District to facilitate intersection improvements as well as working with Councilman Howard Shook to craft legislation to ensure impact fees paid for the development address this specific intersection.

Suggested Considerations: The committee recommends the applicant consider taking advantage of Section 16-18L.016(7)

Section 16-18L.016 Transit Station Area.  Within the transit station areas, off-street parking spaces shall be permitted to be reserved and designated as “Transit Access Only” parking.  The allocations of such spaces shall be permitted without limit and shall be coordination with the Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association.

The committee recommends the applicant coordinate with Livable Buckhead on the community-wide recycling program.

The committee suggested the applicant explore providing increased left turn stacking ability to facilitate the movement of traffic onto Lenox Road accessing GA400.

The committee requests this applicant return to the DRC once more detail is available and these concerns have been addressed.

First revision – 3.5.2014