Blue Moon Pizza

Project Details : Outdoor sidewalk level dining to include planter boxes and tables along the street.  Project is located in Subarea 1 and is a Type 3 street.  Clear zone is 5 feet.  Outdoor service will include alcoholic beverages.

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Applicant:  Edward Johnson on behalf of owner Kevin Slater


Project Scope: Outdoor Dining

Variation Requested: Clear Zone width Section 16-181.015 

 Recommendations: The committee supports the incorporation of outdoor dining in this location and recognizes that the pre-existing conditions of the site create some constraints, however, the proposed configuration allows only a 5 foot walk zone when a 10 foot walk zone and 5 foot amenity zone is required in the regulation (sec 16-181.015).  It is the desire of the committee to reach a compromised layout that maximizes the clear zone to the extent possible to ensure adequate pedestrian circulation and consistency within the district.


Several suggestions for achieving this maximization of the clear zone were presented including shifting planter boxes, changing the size of planter boxes, incorporating “2-top” tables rather than 4-top to allow internal circulation, incorporating “garage-style” doors that allow more indoor outdoor space up against the building façade.


The committee recommends the applicant consider options for redesigning the area in a manner that maximizes the clear zone and return to the Committee at the May meeting for further review.

First Revision – May 1, 2013