Renovation – Atlanta Tech Village – Update #1

Applicant:  Erin Greer, Gensler

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SAP#: 13-094

Variation Requested:  The applicant provided an overview of the changes to the proposed development highlighting the inclusion of a food truck loading pulloff from the Buckhead Loop/Lenox Road, the need to reduce the number of spaces designated for loading from two to one designated loading area along Piedmont Road, the incorporation of four electric vehicle charging stations and a new plaza in the front of the building.

Committee Recommendations:  While the committee commends the creativity and generally likes the concept of a food truck pull off, the committee does not support the location for this element and recommends that it not be incorporated.

The committee recommends the applicant maintain the existing two areas for loading in the front and instead use the existing structure to modify the cantilevered deck to expand across the front of the building rather than out into the loading area.

The committee recommends the applicant provide the screening necessary between the Loading zone and the street and indicated its willingness to allow a reduction to the amenity zone to achieve proper screening however maintaining the ten foot walk zone.