Circle Terminus – Second Revision

Project Description: A 359 unit luxury apartment complex spanning the two remaining development sites in Terminus on structured parking 463 spaces. A circle brand concept developed by Crescent Resources that focuses on providing a sense of community for its tenants.

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Applicant: Crescent Resources/LAS Architects –Jay Silverman

SAP#: 12-073

Project Scope: Modifications to street frontage along Tower Place Drive to incorporate display space and active use space.

This is the second SAP requested by the applicant and the third visit to the DRC for this project.  The applicant presented revisions to the Tower Place Drive Streetscape requesting a variation from the storefront street treatment for a major Street façade.  Due to the existing natures of Tower Place Drive, including the surrounding building street treatments (neighboring loading dock in direct proximity) and the topography, the applicant is requesting a  variation identified from Sec. 16-18L.011(1)(a) & (d)(ii) which prohibits parking structures immediately adjacent to a defined major sidewalk-level for a length of ~65’ . To mitigate this variation, the applicant proposes display window boxes for that façade length.

Recommendation:  Approval of the Reduced Fenestration with the following changes

  • Incorporate the proposed display window as display space for public art.
  • Design the display space to be air conditioned.
  • Design the display space to have UV rated glass appropriate for art displays.
  • Incorporate electric service into the display space.
  • Provide easily accessible openings to the area.
  • Design the space to accommodate the weight of sculpture.
  • Coordinate with Livable Buckhead to arrange art installations.