World Class Auto

Project Description: Previous Filing

Applicant: Keith Logan


Variation Requested: Fence constructed without proper permitting exceeds code required 42 inches in height along a public street and the 50% open requirement. Applicant indicated the property is currently leased by a new company that took possession in October of 2011 and is not the same group that previously appeared before this committee. Applicant indicated the property is being used as a holding lot for cars that are being sold overseas. Applicant also indicated property is used for small parties and intended to pursue a Special Use Permit in the new year to address this change of use.


The DRC advised the applicant that he needed to immediately file for the Special Use Permit, that no action could be taken on a Special Administrative permit until the Special Use Permit was approved. He was also advised that the corrective action regarding the fence was to reduce the height to 42 inches and use a style of fence that allowed 50% open air to pass through or to request an exception for the higher fence.