True Foods Kitchen – Lenox Square

Description: New restaurant on the northwest corner of Lenox Square (facing Peachtree Road) in the previous Clubhouse space with expanded outdoor dining area.

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True Food Kitchen - Lenox Square - 12-6-2013 - elevation

Applicant:  Cindy Silver


Variation Requested:  The committee notes the code requirement Section 16-18L.010(4) which establishes height requirements (max 42”) and  requirements for the fence to be open (60%).  The committee cannot determine the height from the plans presented and recommends the City ensure these requirements are satisfied.

In order to maintain a satisfactory amount of pedestrian accessibility surrounding the proposed development, the committee recommends the northeast corner of the development adjacent to the valet operation be modified to allow more pedestrian circulation space.  It is suggested that the corner of the building be chamfered, curved or indented to facilitate this change.  The canopy may remain in place as long as support column does not encroach on the sidewalk clear zone.

It is requested that the applicant provide documents which provide the context of the site more coherently.