Water Resources

With finite water resources and rapid growth, the need to carefully and cooperatively manage and protect metropolitan Atlanta’s river and streams has become a priority. Things we do every day in our homes and businesses impact the ground water sources that provide 98% of the metro Atlanta area’s water.


Education/Information – LBI serves as a local coordinating point for education about water resources, available technologies, federal state and local incentives or programs available to support consumption reduction and reclamation efforts.

  • Educational Seminars – LBI will sponsor educational seminars about our water resources, the “water wars” Atlanta is currently part of and technologies and strategies for reducing use and increasing reclamation of water.
  • Employer focused Educational Programs – LBI will develop employer focused educational materials, programs and policies for improving water efficiency within an office setting. The programs will address operations within the company.
  • Home focused Educational Programs – LBI will develop home owner focused educational materials, programs and policies for improving water efficiency within a home setting.
    • Water Conservation Tips
      • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth. – 4 Gallons
      • Scrape your dishes instead of rinsing before putting them in the dishwasher. – 6 Gallons
      • Do only full loads of laundry. Cut back by one load a week. – 5 Gallons a day
      • Keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge for cold water to drink – 6 Gallons
      • Catch shower water as it heats up to use on plants – 10 Gallons
      • Limit to one full load of dishes a day. – 2 Gallons a day
      • Take a shorter shower; cut your time by 2 minutes. – 10 Gallons
      • Plug the sink for rinsing when doing dishes by hand. – 12 Gallons
      • Replace high flow showerheads. – 3 Gallons a minute
      • Replace high flow sink aerators. – 1.5 Gallons a minute
      • Use the appropriate load setting on your washer. – 2 Gallons a day
      • Pour out pet’s water on plants, not down the drain. – 1 Gallon
      • Fill bathtub only half way. – 15 Gallons
      • Fix dripping faucets. – 3 Gallons
      • Turn water off when shaving or washing your face – 4 Gallons
      • Catch rinse water from washing veggies or draining pasta use it on your plants. – 2 Gallons
  • Benchmarking/ Measurement – LBI will develop community wide water consumption metrics for establishing baseline sustainability performance for the commercial and residential sectors of the community. These baseline performance metrics will be used to establish community reduction goals and progress will be benchmarked annually. Incentives and recognition will be tied to achieving certain levels of reduction through the “seal of approval” program.

Regulatory Changes (Zoning) – LBI will, through its land use planning initiatives, develop policies and incentives to encourage the deployment of strategies that reduce water consumption and increase the opportunities for reclamation of grey water on site.

  • Storm water – Through its land use initiatives, LBI will implement strategies that encourage the enhancement of collective community strategies to address storm water management.

Incentives – LBI will actively seek out grant funding and other collective buying opportunities that will allow for the development of incentives to encourage property owners and managers to make capital investments that result in reduced water consumption and enhanced reclamation efforts. Examples include incentives for low flow fixture replacements, goals for water reduction, etc.

  • $1 Million Toilet Rebate Program – City of Atlanta residents can take advantage of  $50 and $100 incentives for replacing their old waster guzzling toilets with new low-flow models. Replacing one toilet can save as much as 6 gallons per flush.  Click here to learn how to tkae advantage of this program.

“Our Water, Our Future” from Atlanta Regional Commission on Vimeo.

Additional resources about water are available in the resources section of this website.