Waste Management/Recycling

When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet’s natural resources. When you recycle the products you use every day, like cardboard boxes, milk jugs, and soda cans, you give new life to items that used to be thrown away, saving energy and helping lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process.


Livable Buckhead, Inc. strives to serve a a leader in sustainable community practices by reducing consumption and increasing reclamation of valuable resources to retain existing businesses, atttract new businesses and ensure continued community investment.


Education – LBI serves as a local coordinating point for education about waste management programs and strategies, available technologies, federal state and local incentives or programs available to support waste management and recycling efforts.

  • Educational Seminars – LBI will sponsor educational seminars about waste management, recycling and purchasing policies to minimize waste and encourage the use of recyclable products.
  • Employer focused Educational Programs – LBI will develop employer focused educational materials, programs and policies for recycling and purchasing within an office setting. The programs will address operations within the company.
  • Home focused Educational Programs – LBI will develop home owner focused educational materials, programs and policies for recycling within a home setting.


Programs – LBI works directly with area commercial building managers, employers and residents to develop waste management plans and policies and offer specialized programs where necessary.

  • Commercial Building – LBI will assist Buckhead commercial property management teams in developing and implementing waste management plans for their properties. Additionally, LBI will assist in leveraging collective buying power for the community to provide these services.
  • Office – LBI will Support Buckhead employers in developing and implementing internal waste management policies and procedures that coincide with building programs. LBI will also provide education, training and support to implement the programs.
  • ResidentialLBI will supplement existing recycling collection efforts provided by the City of Atlanta with supporting educational efforts and quarterly collection of electronics, batteries, light bulbs, paints and other goods that require special handling for proper disposal.

Incentives – LBI will actively seek out grant funding and collective buying opportunities that will allow for the development of incentives to encourage property owners and managers to implement significant waste management programs. Examples include collective negotiation of waste hauling contracts, incentives for meeting goals, green seal program, etc.

Regulatory (Zoning)LBI will, through its land use planning initiatives, develop policies and incentives to encourage the deployment of strategies that encourage the incorporation of waste management practices and recycling programs.


For additional resources on recycling and waste management please visit the resources section of this site.