Phipps Multi-Family

Project Description: A 198,535 sf, 320 unit luxury apartment complex located on Phipps Boulevard between Park Avenue and the service drive for Phipps Plaza.

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SPI-12 DRC Request

Applicant: Kimley Horn, David Meyers/ JHP Architecture

SAP#: SAP-12-063

Project Scope: 320 Multifamily Units, internal corridors, 1-2 bed mix apartments

Variation Requested: Wieuca frontage requires 18 foot height to facilitate inclusion of future retail on the ground level.  The development as proposed does not meet this, however, achieves the impression of the required height by architectural detail.  The DRC does not anticipate retail development on in this area and recommends the City accept the request for variation.

The DRC noted that the ground floor units must have doors directly accessing the Wieuca frontage and the end unit did not meet this requirement and should be modified.

The DRC recommends the Phipps Drive vehicular entrance be modified to accommodate pedestrian traffic accessing Phipps Plaza via the internal road adjacent to Wieuca.  The DRC recommends the applicant coordinate with Simon to provide attractive accessible pedestrian connectivity across Phipps Drive and along the road adjacent to Wieuca leading to the upper level parking.

The DRC members noted that all bicycle parking is interior to the development and recommended the inclusion some spaces in areas where visitors might gain access.

The DRC members noted the 65% fenestration requirement on Wieuca and asked the applicant to be sure this is achieved.

The DRC noted concerns about the retaining wall noted on the plans along the eastern end of the Wieuca frontage (toward Phipps).  The recommended careful consideration of the treatment to ensure the maximum 36 inch variation in topography requirement is not exceeded.

The DRC recommended the applicant ensure the inclusion of internal areas to support tenants in recycling activities.  The applicant noted that recycling, solar panels, electric vehicle charging were all items they will incorporate.