Peachtree Streetscapes (Buckhead CID)

Project Scope:  Streetscape 

The applicant provided a history of the project summarizing its life through multiple iterations of the SPI-9 zoning ordinance and the Streets of Buckhead/Oliver McMillan development.  The application includes streetscaping surrounding the Buckhead Triangle park including Peachtree road, Sardis Way (southern side only), Roswell Road and the first block of East Paces Ferry Road up to Bolling way.

Applicant:  Buckhead CID – Brian McHugh, Shannon Skinner Kimley-Horn




  • The committee recommends the inclusion of significant planters along the amenity zone in front of the Roxy Theater where street trees were not required due to underground utilities.
  • The committee recommends the inclusion of a crosswalk and HAWK or rapid flash beacon on the northwest corner of the park at Sardis Way across Roswell to the Buckhead Theater and future hotel development to facilitate pedestrian connectivity to the park. Should GDOT not allow this at this time, the committee recommends the designs be developed to include the future accommodation of the crosswalk.
  • The committee recommends crosswalks on the northeast corner be aligned with the sidewalks they connect to.
  • The committee recommends ADA ramps which align with the sidewalks rather than pushing the pedestrian top the middle of the intersection be incorporated.
  • The committee recommends the relocation of the Roswell Road southbound traffic stop bar as far back from the intersection as allowed by GDOT to facilitate more direct pedestrian access.
  • The committee recommends the western side of the Triangle park incorporate a 5 foot amenity zone to match all other sides of the park.
  • The committee recommends coordination with the Buckhead Atlanta development regarding the East Paces Ferry treatment to ensure there is a smooth and logical transition between streetscape approaches to eliminate a stark transition between the two.
  • The committee recommends the applicant time the construction with the Buckhead Atlanta project to minimize disruption to local businesses.
  • The committee recommends the incorporation of an understory species of tree rather than an ascending species.