Project Description: Modifications to outdoor dining area to enclose walkway.

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Applicant: Cindy Silver on behalf of Healey Weatherholtz


Project Scope: Modifications to outdoor dining area to enclose walkway and provide additional retail space in the area beneath the restaurant fronting the internal parking lot.


  • Pedestrian access to Around Lenox Shopping Center from Peachtree Street northbound is currently most feasible via a sidewalk that runs the full length of the west side of Wooddale Drive. To connect with this sidewalk, stripe pedestrian crosswalk from southwestern corner of proposed new sidewalk to connect the ADA ramp to the sidewalk on the west side of Wooddale Drive
  • Add a short screen wall on the western side of the building, parallel to the southern façade. This will block view of mechanical equipment from pedestrian crosswalk and discourage pedestrian access to the eastern side of Wooddale Drive. We are suggesting this because Wooddale Drive cannot have a continuous sidewalk, due to the location of the existing structure.
  • Remove the two steps on the southern front of the building. Replace them with a sloped ramp with handrail. Add an ADA ramp on the southeastern corner of the proposed new sidewalk along the proposed enclosed façade of the building.
  • Add a striped crosswalk connecting the new ADA ramp to the existing sidewalk coming into the development from Lenox Loop Road.