Pool Perks – Program Requirements

PoolPerks_logoRGBRules of Eligibility

  • Commuters must live in the State of Georgia and at least one commuter must work in Buckhead.
  • Carpools must consist of two commuters traveling to work at the time of submitting an application.
  • Students commuting to school are not eligible.
  • Vanpools are not eligible.
  • Carpool members must commute to work on one or more weekdays (i.e., Monday through Friday) to qualify.  Weekend work trips qualify.

Step 1 – Submit Application Via Website

  • Completed online application must be submitted.
  • Only one application is required per carpool.
  • All carpool partners MUST provide valid email addresses on the application.

Step 2 – Register in Georgia Commute Options Online

  • In addition to earning gas cards, carpoolers may log their clean commutes with Georgia Commute Options for a chance to win a $25 gift card each month.
  • Chance of winning are 1/20 and each clean commute you log enters your name in the drawing.
  • Click here to register and begin logging.

 Step 3 – Earn Gas Cards

  • Upon acceptance into the ‘Pool Perks program, the primary contact will receive a notification email with instructions on how to log. Failure to submit a log by the deadline to the Program Administrator will result in commute trips not being counted towards a monthly gas card.
  • Upon receipt of the notification email, carpools are eligible to earn gas cards. In order to earn gas cards, carpools must record a minimum of 30 carpool trips (15 days) during a month. A trip is defined as a one-way commute. Therefore, your travel to work and back is equal to two commute trips.
  • Send your commute log to the Program Administrator monthly. Please understand that it will be your responsibility to remember to submit your log by the deadline.
    • If carpool members do not receive the logging instructions via email or another form of contact within 5 business days of submitting an application, the primary driver is responsible for contacting LBI.
    • All carpool members will be notified the following month as to whether or not they earned a gas card for carpooling in the previous month. All gas cards will be mailed to the designated primary contact of the carpool and should be shared equally for the benefit of the carpool. Please allow two weeks for processing and receipt of these rewards.
  • It is a condition of your participation in ‘Pool Perks that all information supplied by you is correct, current and complete. LBI has the right to refuse your participation in this program and the right to withhold gas cards if LBI believes any carpool members have failed to meet this obligation. LBI reserves the right to contact you to verify the information provided.
  • If a dispute arises regarding any aspect of ’Pool Perks, including, but not limited to, interpretation of the program requirements, accuracy of the information provided by any member of the carpool, or eligibility of a commuter to participate, LBI’s executive director shall be the final decision maker regarding such a dispute. Any decision by the executive director will be final and binding.