Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning for the Buckhead community traditionally occurs with joint efforts between the Buckhead Community Improvement District, BATMA and the City of Atlanta Planning Staff.  Recent Planning efforts are listed below for reference.

Piedmont Area Transportation Study

The Piedmont Area Transportation Study was conducted to create a 20-year plan that converts the Piedmont Corridor from an obsolete traffic artery to a comprehensive transportation connection and asset for the community. No longer secondary to Peachtree Road, the Piedmont Road envisioned in this plan will meet the standard for excellence that typifies Buckhead while preserving the unique character of the varying segments of the corridor.

Connect Atlanta Plan

Atlanta is the center of the fastest growing region in the United States, home to the world’s busiest international airport, and is where three major interstate highways and two major railroad networks converge, forming an important transportation center for freight in the southeast and the United States.  Atlanta is also home to a multi-billion dollar bus and rail system, the first in the southeast. This infrastructure helps us get to work, to play, and to access goods and services from all over the world.

Atlanta`s resurgence in population and economic growth, as well as, impacts from neighboring suburban communities place enormous stress on the existing transportation infrastructure.  To prepare for the future, Atlanta is compelled to develop a rational Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) which insures mobility, continued economic growth, and desired quality of life for citizens and visitors alike. Connect Atlanta (the city’s first CTP), will ensure that Atlanta continues to lead the region in efficient, effective and affordable transportation.

“The buc” Shuttle 2011 Operational Analysis

BATMA, in partnership with Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID), undertook a top-down re-evaluation of shuttle operations to address changing travel patterns and demographics.