Special Public Interest District 12

Special Public Interest District 12 covers the commercial core of the Buckhead Community surrounding the two malls and the major high rise office developments.  This zoning overlay district was one of the first ever written in the City and one of the last to be incorporated into the underlying zoning.  In 2011, the Buckhead CID and sister organization, Livable Buckhead, began updating this district to incorporate public art, transportation options, connectivity and greenspace among other changes.  The changes were formally adopted on May 30, 2012.

Development Review Committee (DRC)

Development Review Committees (DRC) have been established as an advisory group for the purpose of providing to the Director of the Bureau of Planning formal comments on Special Administrative Permit (SAP) applications within a particular SPI zoning district.

The DRC convenes monthly (or as needed) to comment on SAP applications within a particular District.  Each DRC shall provide recommendations to the Office of Planning Staff and the applicant within 7 business days, unless applicant is requested to return to the applicable DRC, and or present to respective neighborhood organization(s), or NPU. 

Each DRC shall consist of committee members representing the corresponding SPI district stakeholders, including: property owner(s), business owner(s) or resident(s), and applicable neighborhood organization(s).

DRC Members:

City of Atlanta Staff Representative: Karl Smith-David, Principal Planner

CID Representative: Jim Feldman, Regent Parnters / Michael McLean, PMRG

MARTA Representative: John Crocker, Development & Regional Coordination, MARTA

Neighborhood Representative: Peter Davis, Peachtree Park / Andrea Bennett, North Buckhead Civic Assn.

District 7 Representative: Sally Silver

Livable Buckhead Representative: Denise Starling

DRC Meetings

DRC meetings are open to the public and take place on the first Wednesday of each month in Suite 1515 of Tower Place 100, 3340 Peachtree Road, 30326.  The SPI-12 DRC meeting begins at 3:00pm.  For questions or to be placed on the agenda, please click here.