Infrastructure Improvements

The objective of the Buckhead Community Improvement District (CID), working with the City of Atlanta and its community partners, is to meet the challenges resulting from Buckhead’s rapid, primarily automobile-based growth.

Projects Underway
Peachtree Corridor
The Peachtree Boulevard transformation is the Buckhead community’s first major transportation infrastructure improvement since the Georgia 400 link to I-285 was opened in 1993.

2. MARTA Northern Concourse
The Buckhead MARTA station is one of the least used in the entire MARTA system and currently has limited access from the north side.  Working collaboratively with MARTA, the Buckhead CID is designing a new entrance that will provide enhanced access to surrounding properties making MARTA a more convenient option.

3. Georgia International District

4. GA 400 to I-85 Merge Enhancement
The State Road and Tollways Authority has identified funds to improve the merge to I-85 to help improve traffic flow and safety in this area.

5.  85 to GA 400 Interchange
A new highway connection from GA400 south to I-85 north and vice versa is now underway through the State Road and Tollways Authority and expected to be built by 2013.  This connection will provide much needed relief for Piedmont Road.

View the simulated model of the new intersection here

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