Big Buck Hunt – Week 6

Week 6 Clues

Winner this week (picked at random)

Isaac Kinard! ($25 Gift Card to Target)

Buck 11 Clue 1

As we enter week 6 of the hunt, our game is half way through.

But with 12 more bucks abound, there is plenty more  to do.

Our next buck stands by a black building, and a cape   is what he wears.

And as brightly as he’s painted, he’s sure to get some stares.

Buck 12 Clue 1

This week I’ll make it easy and put our bucks near to each other

You can see this one from the last so it should be easy to discover.

This buck sees many buses go by and can even hear the train.

In order to find this buck you will have to use your brain.

Buck 11 Clue 2

He’s slower than 6 foot statue, and not able to leap anything in a single bound.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Super Buck staring Peachtree down.

To find this buck you need only a clue and a presenter

So here ya go, look no further it’s at Atlanta Financial Center.



Buck 12 Clue 2

Buck number 12 is all covered in corks, bags, and bottle caps.

The location of this buck appears on all Atlanta transit maps.

So here you are another step closer to your big Buckhead stay-cation,

There’s really no surprise that it’s at the MARTA station.


Buck 11


Location: Atlanta Financial Center

Artist: Vicki Cimkentli

Sponsor: Buckhead Business Association

Cool Fact: Since 1951, the Buckhead Business Association has been an essential part of the growth of Buckhead’s business community.  Their membership, which includes business and community leaders from every sector of our local economy, actively serves the Buckhead community, making Buckhead a great    place to do business.


Buck 12


Location: Buckhead MARTA Station

Artist: DD aRt Donna DiGiorgio

Sponsor: Buckhead Community Improvement District

Cool Fact: The mission of the Buckhead Community Improvement District is to create a more walkable and livable urban environment.  They meet the challenges of growth by investing tax dollars collected from commercial property owners within the district, as well as other funds we leverage from outside the district, to make meaningful improvements in the transportation network and public realm that connect people and places.

Buck Entry 1


Buck Entry 2


Buck Entry 3


Buck Entry 4


Buck Entry 5


Buck Entry 6


Buck Entry 7


Buck Entry 8


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