Big Buck Hunt – Week 5

Winner this week (picked at random)

Diana Hanley and Family! ($25 Gift Card to Target)

Week 5 Clues

Buck 9 Clue 1

On this next buck’s shirt are buildings, and on his  pants are roads.

By now you must be getting better at breaking all my codes.

So I will make this tougher for you to find his place.

It is somewhere off Wieuca sitting in a greener space.

Buck 10 Clue 1

Our next buck is unique as he‘s our only buck indoors.

Dressed up in a suave sweater vest he is out amongst the stores.

He holds a ball of yarn as he must really like to knit,

So if you are a buck or bargain hunter, you’ll be happy to find it.

Buck 9 Clue 2

You have to look close to see this buck or you could  drive right by

He has a blue tint to his artwork that may blend in with the sky.

I told you to drive Wiuca road, now let me narrow it down.

Right acorss from Park Avenue is where this buck can be found.


Buck 10 Clue 2

There are so many places with stores indoors; I will give you another clue

You can see a movie, have a great meal and play with Legos here, too.

So before you track all over town, making too many trips,

Just head to that favorite place for name brands, a Plaza of which they call Phipps.


Buck 9


Location: Park at Wiuca and Phipps Blvd.

Artist: Atlanta Institute of Art

Designer and Team Leader- Samantha Black

Sarah Harrison

Jamie Hogans

Ansley Horton

Sponsor: Available for Sponsorship

Cool Fact: SEFAA champions the fiber arts and fiber artists by celebrating, supporting, and perpetuating  all fiber art forms and by fostering collaboration and co-operation in the fiber arts community.


Buck 10


Location: Inside Phipps Plaza in front of Belk

Artist: Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance Artist – Martha Andreatos, Linda Fetter, Suzi Gough, Leisa Rich

Sponsor: Available for Sponsorship!

Cool Fact: Akin to Lenox, several of the stores found in Phipps Plaza do not have another location within a five hundred mile radius of the mall. It is the most upscale mall in Georgia and one of the most upscale retail centers in the Western Hemisphere.



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