Big Buck Hunt – Week 4

Week 4 Clues

Winner this week (picked at random)

Josh van der Eerden!  ($25 Gift Card to Target)

Buck 7 Clue 1

A hotel in Buckhead is where our next buck stands.

An eleven layer Velvet cake he’s holding in his hands.

The restaurant behind him serves up food with Southern flare.

Or grab yourself a small batch Bourbon in the bar that’s there.

Buck 8 Clue 1

Can a Zebra Read? Sounds like a children’s book.

And if you can catch that clue then you’ll know just where to look.

Somewhere near a Peach is where you’ll find this one

Grab yourself a latte when your buck hunting is done.


Buck 7 Clue 2

Wind your way up Peachtree, keeping to your right

And you’ll find this buck out proudly, standing in plain sight

A tribute to Chef Smith, he stands almost monumental

Look no further for this buck; he’s at the Intercontinental.


Buck 8 Clue 2

What you’ll have to do to find this buck, is get out and hit the books.

Dig through all the crannies and look in all the nooks

I’ll narrow it down for you, It may be at The Peach.

Now that should be enough to put this buck in your reach.



Buck 7


Location: Intercontinental Hotel/ Southern Art

Artist: Taylor  Arnold

Sponsor: Southern Art

Cool Fact: Chef Art Smith has made several television appearances including Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, where he quickly became an audience favorite. Smith was also featured in an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where he lend a hand to a deserving family that has devoted their lives to providing meals for the less fortunate members of their community. Smith recently completed the filming of the pilot episode for the ABC television show Time Machine Chefs, (Over Easy Production Inc.)


Buck 8


Location: Barnes and Noble at the Peach Center

Artist: Art Institute of Atlanta (Under the Direction of David Moyers): Designer and Team Leader- Nicollette McCrea, William Gerber, Kandus Johnson, Jasmine Grant

Sponsor: Available for Sponsorship!

Cool Fact: Barnes & Noble originated in 1873 when Charles Barnes opened a book-printing business in Wheaton, Illinois.



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