Community Seal Of Approval

Livable Buckhead, Inc. believes that many Buckhead companies, property owners, residents and individuals are “doing the right thing” for the community and the environment.  To encourage and recognize these achievements, Livable Buckhead is establishing a “Buckhead Seal of Approval” program.

The Buckhead Seal of Approval program will certify multi-tenant properties, hotels/motels, and employers that have environmentally sustainable and community minded practices and programs in place.  A point’s based system will be utilized for rating and certification. The points system is based upon four key areas; recycling/waste reduction, energy management, water management and air quality programs and will allow participants to achieve one of four tiers of certification.

The Sustainability portions of the program are based upon components of other successful programs found nationally and also includes aspects of both LEED and Energy Star.  The primary goals of the program are to increase environmental awareness among the target audiences, decrease the environmental impact of the target audiences, and to distinguish Buckhead as the leader in environmental sustainable practices and performance. Not only will the program provide tangible results for participants but will also help pave the path for those seeking LEED and/or Energy Star Certification. For those that have already received their LEED and/or Energy Star Certifications the Sustainable Rating program will provide increased environmental awareness and performance and increased publicity.


Annually, multi-tenant properties, hotels/motels, and employers may complete the certification to obtain their Buckhead Sustainability rating until they have reached their program goal. All participants will receive a comprehensive marketing package upon certification that includes; certificate of approval, door stickers, indoor/outdoor approval rating signage, press release, and sample text to be used for websites, newsletters, etc.  Each year Livable Buckhead will highlight all participants in a special awards banquet and through a special feature section of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Participants that wish to obtain a higher certification may complete the process annually until certification goal is obtained.


All participants are required to register for the program, complete the rating worksheets once annually and register and utilize the EPA’s online Portfolio Manager (Portfolio Manager required for Multi-Tenant properties and hotel/motel participants only). Portfolio Manager is a free interactive energy management tool that helps you track and assess energy and water consumption within individual buildings or an entire building portfolio. Enter energy consumption and cost data into your Portfolio Manager account to benchmark building energy performance, assess energy management goals over time, and identify strategic opportunities for savings and recognition opportunities. https://www.energystar.gov/istar/pmpam/##

Additionally, each year after initial certification participants will be requested to provide their Portfolio Manager reports to Livable Buckhead as part of the program reporting process. This allows Livable Buckhead to track environmental performance improvements once annually after initial certification.