Renee Bentley

Renee Bentley, Atlanta Housing Authority

Reneé Bentley is Atlanta Housing Authority’s (AHA) senior vice president for Partnerships and People Investments, a newly-created department focused on cultivating strategic alliances with Atlanta’s philanthropic community, business community, institutions and nonprofit service providers. The new department will leverage its partner relationships to further the economic, educational and health advancement of AHA-assisted residents across its housing programs.

Ms. Bentley, who has been at AHA for 22 years, has played a strategic role in the transformation of public housing projects into healthy mixed-income communities. She was pivotal in developing the organization’s customer service model, as well as leading strategic planning around building stronger participant and stakeholder relations. Her career accomplishments include increasing Housing Choice Voucher Program work compliance rate by 26 percent in a three-year period, successfully relocating more than 3,500 households while remaining in compliance with regulatory requirements, and managing the planning of and securing of more than $90 million in grant funding to support the revitalization of five public housing communities.

Ms. Bentley has over 25 years of experience in executive management roles applying business acumen necessary to lead, manage and position major organizational initiatives. Her primary work experience has been in the nonprofit and quasi-governmental sectors.