Livable Buckhead, Inc. strives to ensure the long term vitality and prosperity of the Buckhead community by working cooperatively with individuals, public entities and private businesses to integrate into everyday life and business sustainable strategies that improve the environment and  quality of life in the community

Programmatic Areas Overview

  • Sustainability – Serve as a leader in sustainable community practices to retain existing businesses, attract new businesses and ensure continued community investment.

  • Resource Conservation – Reduce consumption and increase reclamation of valuable energy and water resources.

  • Social & Cultural Vibrance – Promote existing and catalyze development of new cultural assets to enhance community vibrance and differentiate Buckhead from other communities.

  • Access + Mobility – Provide transportation choice through integrated land use and transportation planning and implementation efforts.

  • Greenspace – Encourage the development and use of significant public green spaces to enhance community vibrance, health and identity.

  • Public Health & Safety – Support the Atlanta Police Department and local building security in providing a safe and secure environment for all people and property in the Buckhead community by facilitating information exchange.

  • Innovation – Showcase and encourage the development of new sustainable strategies in real world applications.