545 East Paces Ferry – Hennessy Land Rover/Jaguar

Project Scope: The proposed development includes a significant update /expansion to the façade of the existing building.

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545 East Paces Ferry - Hennessy - 11-6-2013-BATMA_Page_01

Applicant:  Steven Ellis/ Mark Hennessy


Variation Requested: The committee notes there are no surface parking lot requirements for Auto dealerships and that the proposed changes bring an existing nonconformity closer to conformity.

The committee recommends reducing the number of curb cuts on Piedmont from three to two.

The committee recommends removing the middle curb cut on East Paces Ferry in the second phase of development or within 18 months, whichever comes first.

The committee recommends removing the sloped roof on the Land Rover side of building and removing the protruding Jaguar from the building, not permitted by SPI-9 standards.