34 Irby Avenue – Update #3

Project Description:  Restaurant Renovation/Construction

Applicant:  Dewayne Martin


Variation Requested:

The applicant has submitted a new Special Administrative Permit due to the expiration of the previous application.  No materials were made available to the committee prior to the meeting, so the applicant was advised that the other committee members would be given the opportunity to review documents prior to the issuance of formal comments.

The application includes the demolition of the outdoor bar, 10 parking spaces in the rear of the site with additional offsite parking arrangements provided through lease agreements with Whole Foods, 3191 Paces Ferry Place and 61 Irby.  The leased spaces will be marked reserved during the bar hours of operation (per Sec. 16-18I.023.5). The applicant indicated that the City Attorney had confirmed the lease with Whole Foods for parking was still in force, evidence of payments was available and that a copy of the lease was not required to be provided to the DRC for review.

The applicant indicated that a demolition permit is in the process of being filed with the City.  The applicant also indicated that a change of status application has been held for review by the Neighborhood Planning Unit and that the application will be re-triggered.

The applicant indicated that parking requirements have been addressed specific to Park Bench and have not incorporated StageCoach – the additional subleased space in the building.  However, parking provided through the leases secured exceeds the requirements for Park Bench and is anticipated to satisfy both tenants’ needs.  No agreement was reached with the Animal Hospital and as a result none of the parking will be used, so the animal hospital is no longer forced out of compliance with the zoning ordinance.

Committee Recommendation:

The applicant indicated that additional documentation would be provided, however, at this time none has been received and the committee will withhold recommendation until such time as the information has been made available to the committee.