3338 Peachtree (Buckhead Grand Condominiums)

Project Scope: Monument Sign

Applicant:  Karen Wilson, kwilson.wps@gmail.com  770-942-0688/ Mark Denyse


Variation Requested:  The applicant presented sign plans which, while aesthetically attractive, did not conform to the current sign code regulation and there is no opportunity for variations regarding the sign code..

Chapter 16-28A.010 of the City of Atlanta Municipal Code, the sign Ordinance, subsection (13) states the following:

Size and height:  Monument signs shall not exceed 18 feet in length and two (2) feet in width measured from the outer edges of the monument sign, and five (5) feet in base height measured from the lowest point of the elevation of the nearest sidewalk clear zone or pedestrian path to the highest point of the monument sign.  A vertical extension shall be permitted above the five (5) feet maximum base height provided such extension does not exceed a total height of 18 feet (including the base height), eight (8) feet in length and two (2) feet in width, all measured in the same manner as stated above.  Such signs, when located in the supplemental zone, shall not be situated in a manner that prohibits pedestrian circulation.

First Revision – May 1, 2013