3116 Roswell – Hanover

Applicant:  The Hanover Company

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SAP#:  Not filed – initial review only – anticipate December formal review

Project Scope: The Hanover Company proposes to redevelop the existing surface parking lot located at 3116 Roswell Road with a mixed use project with ground floor commercial uses and high rise apartments above the commercial uses and parking structure.  The current program includes 351 apartments and 12,975 square feet of commercial space.  Parking spaces will be incorporated into the development for use for parking for parking by the adjacent Buckhead Theater as well.

Variations Requested:

  1. Variation from Section 16-18I.023 to reduce required parking spaces from 769 parking spaces to 662 parking spaces.

Based on a market demand, the applicant proposes to provide 1.48 spaces per unit for the residential component and 144 parking spaces for the combined use of the 12,975 square feet of retail and the adjacent Buckhead Theater.  [Note:  The 769 parking spaces required does not include parking required for the Buckhead Theater.  There are approximately 119 parking spaces on the existing surface lot being redeveloped.]

Recommendation:  The committee notes a significant parking shortage issue in the immediate vicinity and recommends the applicant consider providing additional parking made available to the general public to offset the demand for parking.  The committee also recommends the applicant coordinate with the Community Improvement District to explore potential opportunities for financial support to offset the expense of this additional parking.

  1. Variation from Section 16-18I.023 to reduce the required number of parking spaces for the Buckhead Theater located at 3110 Roswell Road to zero during construction.

Development of the property will displace the existing surface parking lot that currently provides parking for the Buckhead Theater.  During construction, off site parking will be arranged to service the Buckhead Theater.  Details regarding the specific location of the off site parking and access to such parking will be provided upon filing of the SAP application.

        Recommendation:  The committee notes the necessity of this request to facilitate construction and therefore recommends approval of this variation should it be deemed necessary.  The committee does, however, recommend the applicant make other offsite arrangements for Theater events during construction.

  1. Variation from Section 16-18I.019 to reduce required loading spaces from four (4) loading spaces to two (2) loading spaces.

The request to reduce the number of required loading parking spaces is consistent with the demand similar mixed use projects generate for such loading spaces.  The leasing of the units will be coordinated through the leasing office to ensure the loading areas are not overburdened during the leasing process. Further there will be some sharing of loading spaces based on the mix of uses in the development.

        Recommendation:  The committee recommends approval of this variation request.

  1. Variation from Section 16-18I.020(2)(c)(iv) to allow two curb cuts to be located on Early Street.

Due to the property’s adjacency to three streets, three curb cuts are allowed for the development.  The applicant is seeking the permitted number of curb cuts but would like to locate two on Early Street.  One of the two curb cuts on Early Street will be for service use only.  The other curb cut will be on Roswell Road in a location to be approved by GDOT and the City of Atlanta Office of Transportation

        Recommendation:  The committee agrees with the rationale supporting the relocation of the Irby street curb cut to Early and therefore recommends approval of this variation request.

  1. Variation from Section 16-18L.016(3)(b)(i) to delete the requirement for a five foot (5’) supplemental zone on Early Street and Roswell Road.

The site is narrow along its east to west plane which limits the opportunity for provision of the full required sidewalk.  The eastern side of Early Street is currently developed with the rear of buildings, service areas and parking.  Eliminating the supplemental zone along what is currently a service oriented street will not adversely impact the area.  In addition, to align in an aesthetically appropriate manner with the existing Buckhead Theater, a variation for the supplemental zone is required along Roswell Road.

Recommendation:  The committee understands the rationale to align buildings with the existing Buckhead Theater, however, recommends the applicant make every effort to comply with this requirement since creating a hospitable pedestrian environment is a key goal in the area.

Additional Considerations

The committee noted the lack of rail transit accessibility to this site and questioned the applicant as to the implications of this for the site.  The applicant noted that transit is not an absolute necessity for their targeted demographic, however, the presence of a shuttle would be beneficial to the site.

The applicant noted they intend to seek USGB certification.

The applicant noted they intend to incorporate electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The applicant noted they intend to fully activate the parking deck façade along early street with display spaces designed to accommodate graphic art.

Second Visit – 1.7.2015