3081 E. Shadowlawn Ave.

Project Scope:  Spa

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Applicant:  Victoria Bell/Spencer Danner

SAP#: SAP-13-129

Variation Requested:  The applicant is redeveloping the existing property into an 1872 sf spa offering weight loss counseling, personal training and refreshments.

The submittal package for the SAP is currently incomplete.  The applicant must provide a signed “notice to applicant” form along with an updated survey of the site that shows the existing conditions.  The SAP cannot be processed until such time as these items are included.

Additionally, the following items must be submitted to the City’s Office of Planning; a copy of the off-site parking agreements and an easement for the access to the adjacent site to allow vehicles to exit the spa property.

The DRC also recommends the driveway be marked with arrows to indicate one way traffic flow.  The DRC recommends the parking lot in the back be cleared of all vegetation and restriped with parking angled along the rear edge of the site to match the traffic flow.  This striping should allow about 5 spaces on site.  The applicant will need to demonstrate through the off-site agreement that the additional spaces are secured to meet the code requirements.  7 spaces are required.

The DRC also recommends the applicant consult with the City Arborist to ensure clearing of the vegetation does not harm the tree located at the back of the site.