2991 North Fulton Drive

Project Description:  The project includes the construction of a 48sf glass vestibule on the side of the building, an expanded sidewalk and a new ramp.  The applicant indicated that shared parking analysis has been conducted and submitted to the city and meets the parking requirements.

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Applicant:  Tiara Crumbley


Project Scope: New Construction – vestibule and pedestrian ramp

Recommendation:  The committee recommends the plans be modified to include:

  • Removal of the sidewalk adjacent to the building
  • Construction of a 4 foot (or wider) sidewalk along the entire front of the property
  • Construction of a connecting path from the primary entrance to the sidewalk
  • The primary entrance on the front of the building, not the side.
  • Incorporation of a painted striped crosswalk across the driveway to clearly indicate pedestrian areas.
  • Additionally, the committee recommends the City confirm the shared parking analysis was completed properly and does indeed meet the requirements and indicated by the applicant.