128 E. Andrews Drive

Project Scope:  The applicant is converting the former Tavern 99 to a new BBQ restaurant including interior renovations, roof repair, the addition of new service doors to the patio, wood accents around the windows and entrance and adding “accordion style” windows.

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Applicant:  Smokebelly BBQ

SAP#: SAP -13-128

 Variation Requested:

Sec 16-18I.017(5) – The DRC recommends the applicant provide a fenestration calculation to the City to ensure the street front fenestration requirements (65% of the length of the façade) are satisfied.

Sec 16-18I.022 and .023 – The DRC recommends the parking lot be brought into compliance with parking lot landscaping requirements including 36 to 42” vegetative screening between the sidewalk and the street (planters or a planted landscape strip).

Sec 16-18.019 (4) – The DRC recommends the applicant provide clearly demarcated pedestrian access across the parking lot to provide a connection from the sidewalk to the entrance of the restaurant.

Sec 16-18I.025 The DRC recommends the inclusion of a bike rack to accommodate 2 bicycles.

Sec 16-18I.017 (5) The DRC recommends the dumpster be screened in accordance with the code which requires a 6 foot opaque enclosed structure with a gate.

The DRC notes the canopy overhangs the adjacent property and recommends a copy of the easement to allow this condition be provided to the City.