1000 Park Avenue – Update #2

Applicant:  Presence not requested


Project Scope:

Variation Requested:  The committee has concerns over the proposed change (increase) to the intensity of the use of the site indicated by the significant increase in number of units incorporated into the development (previously 110 now 300+).  It is the committee’s understanding that the applicant has the discretion to travel under the previously approved plan provided no changes are made to use, height or density.  While it is clear the increased number of units increases the intensity of use, it is unclear whether the change to the number of units constitutes an increase in density as defined by the City. The committee found that although FAR of the 2001 approved plan is not exceeded,  the original zoning under PD MU stated the FAR and the number of units approved.  Any increase in the number of units is not consistent with the 2001 approved PD MU site plan and therefore may require a new plan if increase in units is found to constitute a change in density

In light of the consideration described above, the committee requests a formal interpretation from the City as to how the calculation of density is defined – whether it is based upon square footage or number of units.

The committee also requests a formal interpretation from the City as to whether the number of units is considered to be a condition on the previously approved plans since it is specifically noted on those plans along with the square footage of the site.

Regarding the requested variation from Section 16-18L.010(3)(a) – it is the committee’s recommendation (as stated previously) that the applicant be required to provide pedestrian and bicycle access to Phipps Boulevard via the service drive accessing the west side of the development.  This access should include a sidewalk along the drive connecting the building to Phipps Boulevard that is a minimum of four feet in width and a landscape strip a minimum of 3 feet in width separating the sidewalk from the drive.