1000 Park Avenue – Update #1

Project Scope: New building Construction under previous plan

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1000 Park Ave - 11-6-2013-2nd submittal - BATMA_Page_14

Applicant:  Sharon Gay/ David Capelli


Variation Requested: The applicant presented the same plans as those provided to the committee on previous visits with updates to the notes sections.  The applicant noted it is their intention to travel under the plan approved in 2001 which requires adhering to use, density, location and height designations in those plans.  The site plan has been modified to include bicycle parking, a dog walk and loading docks assuming a variation is allowed.  There are no connections to the 750 deck shown, while it was noted that discussions are underway.  Parking counts stand alone for the proposed development – they are not dependent upon the existing condominium building. After much discussion about the list of variations requested, the committee indicated its displeasure with the need for so many and began to look for optional ways to minimize the list.  The committee recommended the applicant consider defining the major street façade as the private road accessing the front of the building at the circular drive and Phipps Boulevard as a minor street frontage.   The applicant was asked to evaluate this recommendation and develop a list of the variations needed for the project with this approach for submittal to the committee for review prior to the December meeting.  Additionally, the applicant was asked to verify the existence of the easements necessary to use Park Avenue.